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Erice Leather Sofa

Erice Leather Sofa


Style: Venetian Hand Carved Sofa


Designer: Flori Romani


Venice Italy is the inspiration for our Venetian line. This sofa features an amazing combination of carved solid wood and hand tanned leather. The frame is hand carved by craftsmen in our Lima, Peru factory and then assembled in our los Angeles warehouse. The down back pillows and 8 tie upholstered system provide long lasting and elegant comfort.



  • Solid wood Mortise & Tenon frame

  • Hand carved wood molding

  • Fabric is COM. As shown in waxed Italian leather

  • Cushions supported by 8 way  hand tied coils

  • Down filled pillows and seat cushions wrapped in down envelopes



Height: 36”

Arm Height:  27”

Seat Height: 18”


Width: 88”

Arm Width: 10”

Seat Width: 66”


Depth: 42”


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