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Style: Spanish Colonial Hand Carved Arm Chair


Designer: Flori Romani


Inspired by walking down the dim lit streets of small villages in Tuscany. The simplicity of the finials counter balances the depth of details beautifully carved into the hardwood frame and tooled onto the leather seat and back. The vegetable dyed leather is unmistakably some of the finest leather available in South America. And the frame is joined using the timeless technique of Mortise & Tenon. Once assembled, each piece is then completed with our luxurious patina finishes.


*Available as arm chair, side chair, 30” bar chair & bench



  • Hand carved solid wood frame

  • Hand tooled vegetable dyed leather hide

  • Mounted Peruvian coin detail

  • Mortise & Tenon joinery

  • Hand applied patina finish



Height: 46”

Arm Height: 26 1/4”

Seat Height: 18 1/2”


Front Width: 25”

Back Width: 22 7/8”

Seat Width: 19 1/2”


Depth: 25”

Arm Depth: 20”

Seat Depth: 17 3/8”



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