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For over 50 years the Romani family has been designing and producing classically inspired Mediterranean furniture and decor for clients around the world


Romani Tradition

For over 60 years the Romani family has been producing classical hand-carved Mediterranean furniture and classical art. Our interpretation is a revival of centuries of iconic design that has proven to be, well, simply timeless.


Villa de Romani is our family's continued tradition of sustaining this style of producing with our hands. After 3 generations we continue to constantly search for authentic styles and designs that inspire our production team whom have dedicated their craft to delivering the highest order of detail to carving, painting, assembling and finishing.   

We strive to bring every piece of furniture and art to the highest standards of the most discerning collectors.



Rustic Spanish Revival Furniture
Rustic Spanish Revival Furniture

Fine Benchmade Spanish Revival, Tuscan Villa and Old World Mediterranean Furniture Designed in Los Angeles and Handmade In-house in Lima, Peru.

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